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Geld in beslag genomen van reizigers

Geplaatst op: 22-7-2017

Sint Maarten vliegveld jul17Alpha Team, samenwerking Korps Politie Sint Maarten, Immigratiedienst, Koninklijke Marechaussee en Douane, neemt geld in beslag op Prinses Juliana Airport op Sint Maarten.

On Friday July15th 2017, at approximately 02.00 p.m. a routine control was conducted by the Alpha Team at the Princess Juliana Airport. A man with the initials B.F.G who was travelling off island with his wife and two kids were subjected to a routine control. During this control a large sum of money was discovered and which was divided among the family. The money that was discovered was more than the legal limit of $ 10.000, - and which was not declared to the customs.

Police Sint MaartenBy order of the local prosecutor, the money was confiscated and an investigation was launched. No arrests were made at this time. The Alpha Team is a multidisciplinary team that consists of members of the local Police Force (KPSM), the Immigration Department, the Royal Marechaussee and the Customs Department.

Since the recent installation of the Police Sub-station at the Princess Juliana International Airport, travellers will notice an increase in police visibility and routine police controls. These controls are specifically done in the efforts to curb and prevent all illegal acts that can be committed at the airport and to ensure the overall safety for the travellers.


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